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2022-23 Gamethread #28: New Jersey Devils at Our Hated Rivals

The New Jersey Devils have a chance to extend their road winning streak to tie the NHL record of 12 games tonight. They just have to beat Captain Headhunter, Jacob Trouba, and Our Hated Rivals a second time at the World’s Most Overrated Arena. Talk about it here as it happens.

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New Jersey Devils v New York Rangers
A perfect photo from the last game.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Our Favorite Team has a chance to make some more history this season. They can tie the all-time road winning streak at 12 games. They just have to win a second game at The World’s Most Overrated Arena to do it. Watch your heads; Captain Headhunter will be there barring any suspension ahead of this game.

The Time: 7:00 PM ET

The Broadcast: TV - NHLN, MSG, MSGSN; Audio - The Devils Hockey Network

The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils at the New York Rangers (SBN Blog: Blueshirt Banter)

The Song of the Night: Six Feet Under started as a death metal side project by Obituary guitarist Allen West way back in 1993. West would rejoin Obituary but vocalist Chris Barnes was fired from Cannibal Corpse before then and would continue the band full-time. The band has been active since then. Fitting for tonight’s game and the captain of tonight’s opponent, this is “The Art of Headhunting” from the 2005 album 13.

The Breaking T Promotion: The people at BreakingT have taken notice of the Devils this season. And, through their connection with SBN, you can support this site through ordering a Devils shirt through a link like this one. They now have a new shirt featuring your favorite Swiss captain, Nico Hischier. Don’t miss it like a Jacob Trouba headhunting-style hit.

Nico Hischier is THE Captain of your favorite hockey team.
Nico Hischier is THE Captain of your favorite hockey team.

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