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2022-23 Gamethread #4: New Jersey Devils at New York Islanders

The New Jersey Devils hit the road and head to Belmont, New York this evening to play the Islanders. The Devils have yet to get a result in the UBS Arena. Will that change tonight? It can be discussed here as it happens.

Florida Panthers v New York Islanders
Lane Lambert is now in charge in Long Island.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Our Favorite Team was not good last season. For example, they dropped both of their games at the UBS Arena last season to tonight’s opponent. So they are searching for their first result in Belmont. Unfortunately, in addition to this season already starting off like this, the game is another ESPN+ exclusive.

The Time: 7:30 PM ET

The Broadcast: Streaming - ESPN+ & Hulu, Audio - The Devils Hockey Network

The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils at the New York Islanders (SBN Blog: Lighthouse Hockey)

The Song of the Night: Vision of Disorder was a standout band from the Long Island scene in the 1990s. Their second album Imprint has plenty of ragers and could be seen as a template for what metalcore would become. This track, “By the River,” from Imprint includes a feature from Phil Anselmo, which is a pretty big get.

The Rules: As usual for this site since, well, the very beginning: Keep your comments clean (this means no swearing), respect your fellow Devils fan with no personal attacks, no illegal streams (this means no asking, no hints, no nothing about it) and please keep comments relevant to the game. Go Devils.