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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 123: Ups and Downs as Usual

Consistency seems impossible to find.

New Jersey Devils v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Ben Jackson/NHLI via Getty Images

This episode does not include yesterday’s loss to the New York Islanders as the ghostly specter of Zach Parise and his two assists continues to undermine the New Jersey Devils this year. A good return from the break has been all but neutralized after some weird bounces and questionable defensive mistakes have turned four wins in five games into four wins in seven. At this point, the playoffs seem like an impossibility as the rest of the season once again becomes about development and progress of the younger players.

Things had to break very correctly for the Devils to compete for a playoff spot. A lot of things did not but outside of that three wins in 18 games stretch, the Devils remain very much in every game and are showing clear improvements in effort and special teams. That’s all we can hope for as the team continues to lose players to injuries and COVID.

As always, thank you for listening and Let’s Go Devils!