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2022 NHL Draft Prospects

A group for all posts related to the 2022 NHL Draft prospects. Do not include for players picked after the two draft days.

New Jersey Devils Win Second Overall Pick in 2022 NHL Draft Lottery

Earlier tonight, the New Jersey Devils won a drawing at the 2022 NHL Draft Lottery. They will be selecting second overall at the 2022 NHL Draft. This post reacts to the win and goes into detail about what the Devils can do with the pick.

2022 NHL Draft Lottery & Early Draft Preview for the New Jersey Devils

For a fourth straight year, the New Jersey Devils will be locked into a top ten pick at the 2022 NHL Draft. Tonight is the 2022 NHL Draft Lottery, which will determine where they will actually pick in the first round. All this and more about the 2022 draft class in this post.

The Devils Prospect Needs Before the 2022 NHL Draft

The New Jersey Devils prospect pool has continued to improve over the past few years. In today’s post, I’ll be taking a look at what type of prospects could be added in the 2022 NHL Draft to help supplement the current pool.