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Site News: Welcome Jared & Stephen to All About the Jersey

Ahead of the 2021-22 New Jersey Devils season, two new people have been tabbed to join the All About the Jersey staff. This post welcomes Jared Moore and Stephen Schnoor to the site.

New Jersey Devils will begin their training camp for rookies next week. The Devils’ schedule for the 2021 NHL Preseason will begin near the end of the month. Before you know it, we will have our multi-part season preview up and many of the People Who Matter will be excited for the start of what should hopefully be a better 2021-22 campaign. There are plenty of new faces on the Devils roster and we hope they will make a significant and a positive contribution.

While we have not been as busy as Tom Fitzgerald, we have had our spots to fill on our staff’s roster. Devin and CJ have both moved on with their future endeavors and, on the behalf the site, I wish them the best. Devin’s position was taken care of offline. As for CJ’s spot, I did publicly asked the community to submit a piece if they were interested in being a weekly writer. I want to thank everyone who submitted a piece last week and showing interest in wanting to be a part of All About the Jersey.

I am pleased to announce two new people to the All About the Jersey staff to their take their spots. I am especially pleased that they are both longtime and active members on this site. It is further proof that there is talent and desire among this community and they want to help continue what we have built up. And I do mean we as you really are, as I call you, the People Who Matter.

The two new additions to the site are Jared “TheJRod2006” Moore and Stephen “PA Devil” Schnoor. Jared will be contributing to the game previews and recaps. Stephen was selected as a result of the open call for a weekly writer. Both of them have had their usernames changed earlier today, so you may have figured it out ahead of time. All the same, you will see their work on this site in the near future just as we will see the New Jersey Devils hit the ice in the near future. I publicly welcome Jared and Stephen to All About the Jersey.