AATJ Community League Draft Lottery and Draft Preview

Welcome, The Fantasy GM's Who Matter, to the inaugural season of our AATJ Community Fantasy Hockey League. Tonight I have used to establish the draft order. Thankfully (SPOILER ALERT) I did not win, so save your Bettman Boo's for the real Slim Bettman. So without further suspense, here are the results:

12. Poppa Smurf

11. Jersey Save_By_Blackie

10. Omaha Trash Pandas

9. Georgia Bulldogs

8. Sunnyvale Samsquanches

7. Al's Heimers

6. Off da Crossbar

5. LedHot ZeplinPepr

4. Coney Island Whitefish

3. Fargging Iceholes

2. Mid Jersey Mutants

1. ny verbeeksfinger

I want to take a moment to congratulate General Manager Finger on this historic moment for his franchise. Now, I would like to provide a little bit of information for people who may not have experience with fantasy hockey, or who may be interested in my approaches to drafting (as my historic franchise went 13-0 last year only to lose in the first round, missing 3 key players due to COVID-19 protocols). Don't overthink the draft. I found that my season was made mostly by guys I picked up on waivers or free agency. One of the most important things to look at, which can be difficult to find out prior to the season, is a given players utilization. Guys who are on the ice in favorable situations like powerplays or with high-skilled offensive players are hugely valuable, in addition to obviously those highly-skilled players themselves. It is equally as important to look into who replaces key players after injuries and slots into their usage spot. At the bottom I will like to DailyFaceoff, a great resource for lineups and starting goalies, and also they have a page with both ESPN and Yahoo draft rankings. Make sure you look at the point system we have in place when deciding who to draft as well. It is important to base your decisions on statistics that hold extra value in this particular league. The draft order will be updated on the app tonight, best of luck gentlemen. See you at the draft Monday.

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