AATJ Community Fantasy Hockey League Update

Hello everyone,

So we are inching closer to hockey season and it seems that there should be enough interest to run the inaugural AATJ Fantasy Hockey League. On this post, I would like to see any suggestions as far as lineup frequency, what should garner points and how much, roster breakdowns, how you would like to see me as commissioner conducting business, etc. Also, if people could start posting availability as well so we can figure out when we could hold a draft. Below I will be posting a list of people who have mentioned interest. I will also give an example of how my league was run last year, so we could use that as a basis (in case people have no idea how it works) and we can make tweaks to it for our league. Most importantly, this is OUR league not mine. I also understand traditionally fantasy sports is played for money, I understand the hesitance so send a random dude on the internet money to keep for a fantasy pool. I will leave that decision up to you guys, unless every single person is willing to do it, we won't. I do not want to pressure anyone but if we all want to, I am willing to hear suggestions on how to orchestrate it. So I want to know what you guys think!

Interested Parties:

Sam Che Hilliard




FrankG929 (strong maybe)




How my league worked last season:

Scoring was head to head total points (Team 1 vs Team 2, cumulative individual player stats for the week determines the outcome of the "game")

Goal= 2 points

Assist= 1 point

SOG= .2 points

Hit= .1 point

Blocked Shot= .5 point


Win= 3 points

GA= -1 point

Save= .2 point

Shutout= 3 points

Lineups were set weekly, and the player was locked into their roster slot once they played their first game of the week. I am open to daily lineups. Because it was weekly, this is how the roster was broken down:



Utility (Flex)=1

Goalie= 2

Bench= 3


This would change if we do daily lineups and I would have to mess with the settings to see how. Discuss!

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