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The 2021 Free Agency Frenzy Open Post for the New Jersey Devils

Get ready for NHL teams to spend a lot when the clock strikes noon. Unrestricted free agency begins today. This is the annual open post for Devils fans to discuss everything that happens today. The New Jersey Devils have over $30 million in cap space. They can spend. What will they and others spend on today? React to it all here.

2021 NHL Draft - Round One
Tom Fitzgerald and his team will have a lot to do today.
Photo by Andrew MacLean/NHLI via Getty Images

It is later in July than usual. It is within a week of two massive offseason events in the Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft and the NHL Draft. It is the third main event of the NHL offseason. It is the day where unrestricted free agents can sign with whomever they would like. It is the day where all 32 franchises will spend a large amount of money. It is the day where an announcement on Twitter that takes seconds to read can impact a team for years to come - for better and (unfortunately often) for worse. It is the day that has been dubbed Free Agency Frenzy. And it all officially starts by mid-day.

The Time: Noon. News will likely start in the morning about expected deals but no one can actually sign anything until noon today.

The Preview: I wrote a full preview yesterday for the New Jersey Devils in free agency and the market as a whole. It includes what they need, who is available, and more. It even links to the various offseason posts CJ and Gerard did over the past two months. Check it all out here.

The Moves Made Since that Preview: With a flat salary cap ceiling of $81.5 million and some GMs getting creative, there have been a number of notable moves made since that preview went up.

The Songs for the Day: Two come to mind. This one may fit what many Devils fans, the People Who Matter, want to happen today. This one may fit how I feel about what Fitzgerald can do today. He can make the Devils’ situation better - or make it much worse. No pressure.

The Purpose of this Open Post: This is where you should comment about all of the moves made today in free agency. The moves the Devils made. The moves you wish the Devils made. The moves other teams in the NHL made. This is an open post for all of free agency. Please react as you see fit.

The Plan: We will do our best to get posts up for major signings by the Devils. Minor signings may be lumped in together.

The Rules: As a reminder, comments will be clean, on topic, and respectful of each other.

Here is one that specifically important for today: Please, please, please do not share unconfirmed rumors and “news” from false sources like fake Twitter accounts, “insiderrs,” a “rumor breaker,” an incarcerated Robert, people who claim to have sources and not even have 100 followers on Twitter, etc. Please stick to people who may actually know things. Think Elliotte Friedman, Renaud Lavoie, Kevin Weekes, etc. There’s going to be a lot going on, especially once noon hits. There’s no need to muddy the waters of actual news by getting people riled up about something that isn’t likely to happen from someone who claimed they heard somebody. For the benefit of everyone, link to legit sources and don’t make things up. Being right is more important than being first.

That all said. Enjoy this year’s Free Agency Frenzy and hope that Tom Fitzgerald spends and spends wisely ownership’s money.