More and more analysts are reporting NJ as the leading contender in the Dougie Hamilton sweepsteaks

Elliotte Friedman reporting on his (and Jeff Marek's) latest episode of 31 Thoughts which just released today. I beliewve Friedge said that the interest was mutual and that the fit makes sense, and other analysts have stipulated that the other contenders have all been accounted for now; Flyers traded away the house for Ristolainen (lol), Chicago acquired Seth Jones and signed him long term, and the Kraken seem more interested in Landeskog as their D corps is much stronger than their forward group.

I don't know if this is the time to sign a big UFA D man or not, but if it is, Dougie is the kind of player you want. He also strikes me as the type of D man who can age gracefully due to his playing style a la Brian Campbell. I'm nervous about committing around 9 million to a guy his age, but he could make an incredible difference on the top line.

What are your thoughts?

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