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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 98: Winless Against Washington

The Devils completed their season series against Washington without winning a single game.

NHL: Washington Capitals at New Jersey Devils Catalina Fragoso-USA TODAY Sports

After eight incredibly frustrating games against the Washington Capitals, the New Jersey Devils are finally free from this opponent. It was as terrible of a run against them as can be imagined as the Devils went 0-6-2, dropping close game after close game. The series exemplified and also emphasized the mistakes that have kept this young Devils team from being truly competitive and hopefully moving into next season, they can find a way to break down this losing formula against the Capitals.

Two games against the Buffalo Sabres and one against the Pittsburgh Penguins should act as some temporary reprieve before the “Week of Hate” AKA four games in one week against the New York Rangers. At the very least, these are all teams that the Devils have beaten this year at some point.

As always, thank you for listening and enjoy your week! If you have ideas for episode 100, please let us know. We have some plans but would love your collective input.

Let’s Go Devils!!