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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 100: The State of the Devils

We take stock of the team and forget about the week that was.

NHL: New York Rangers at New Jersey Devils Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

For our 100th episode to be a joyful celebration of all things New Jersey Devils, they would have had to win at least one or two of these previous four games against their most hated rivals to stave off their playoff push. Instead, they acted as a doormat to the New York Rangers’ hopes and dreams as they dropped four straight mulit-goal losses in one of the worst weeks in franchise history. As such, we decided to address the State of the Devils and talk about who will and won’t be part of this new youth regime moving forward. We talked about the potential Seattle expansion casualties and the new faces that will be competing for spots next year and beyond. Position by position, who will be part of the solution process for this team?

Thank you all as always for listening. When the games aren’t as rapid-fire, we’ll do a summer celebration of Devils fanhood and you, the people who matter. Let’s hope that they can squeeze some respectability out of these remaining games before we start speculating on who they will be drafting with their lottery-level pick this year.

Let’s Go Devils!