Trade deadline

Reading about Pittsburgh and Burke wanting grit makes me think they might take a stab at wood or Kulikov. If they wanted both I wouldn’t say Marcus Pettersson and their second next year is too wild of an ask, especially if wood is retained. Pettersson is also rumored to bring the guy that’s getting shopped


Pitt receives: Miles Wood ~retained~ and Kulikov

NJD receives: Marcus Pettersson UFA 2025 at 4.25 aav and Pitts 2022 second

Vatanen is another story. I think he can wind up in Boston Pittsburgh or even Minnesota for a 4th or 3rd round pick depending what the market is for him. If we trade Kulikov and Murray I don’t really see us moving him though.


Someone receives: Sami Vatanen ~retained~

Njd receives: a pick

Im alittle split on Travis, while I think he’s this years Andy Greene where we undervalue him until he gets traded I wouldn’t be surprised at all that we get a second for him. A team that comes to mind is Edmonton, with all the fire power up top they need a guy to be reliable in their own end and be able to take some draws, I think he could be a perfect fit on their third line especially if he’s retained. I think Edmonton will be one of the most aggressive buyers as well.


EDM receives: Travis Zajac ~retained~

NJD receives: Edm 2021 or 2022 second round pick

Ryan Murray is also an interesting player to watch this deadline. I think he’ll be shopped and if we can flip him like Vatanen last year that’d be a win for the devils. I think Florida can be a realistic destination and I would be surprised if they just chalk up a forward prospect in return and hold their picks to chest.


FLA receives: Ryan Murray ~retained~

NJD receives: Henrik Borgstrom

And finally we come to Kyle Palmieri. I believe he’s either going to be one of the earliest or one of the last free agents to go off the market. Fitz will definitely be able to field his options. I think the islanders, bruins, panthers, blackhawks and Toronto can all be really fitting destinations for him I wouldn’t be surprised if all these teams atleast gave Tom a call. Personally I hope Tom goes after the team he think can miss out on the post season the most like a team in the division or Chicago but if a deal blows him away you have to pull the trigger. I really do think we can get a first and maybe an average prospect but I think the return really depends on the market. I also really wouldn’t be surprised if we circle back on Kyle in free agency, his family is here and with the return on most of the trades it will set the devils up for the next 3 years


Someone receives: Kyle Palmieri ~retained~

NJD receives: 2021 first round pick and a prospect

Love to hear everyone’s opinions. Tried not to be biased

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