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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 96: Business as Usual

A win against Boston after a loss against Washington. What else is new?

NHL: New Jersey Devils at Boston Bruins Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The New Jersey Devils were unable to follow up a good effort against the Washington Capitals on Thursday as they dropped a lifeless contest to them on Friday night. The Devils were also shut out for the first time this year in that game as Washington glided to a 4-0 win relatively unopposed. Of course, a game against the Boston Bruins is this year’s healing elixir as the Devils went into Boston and shut them out for the second time this year in a way-too-close 1-0 win at crowded TD Garden. The strangeness of not allowing an even strength goal against Boston through five games while losing six straight to Washington is not lost on us but these trends show no signs of slowing down.

Hopefully at least one of these streaks comes to an end as these two teams are the Devils’ only opponents this week. A rematch against Boston on Tuesday precedes another weekend set against the Capitals as the Devils mercifully finish off their season series against them.

Additionally, Nico Hischier’s return is inching ever closer so hopefully the team is able to get him back to supplement their low scoring over the past few weeks.

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Thank you all again for listening and Let’s Go Devils!