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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 92: Highway Robbery

This franchise seems truly cursed.

NHL: New York Islanders at New Jersey Devils Catalina Fragoso-USA TODAY Sports

This back-to-back set of losses against the New York Islanders hurt more than a lot of the others this season. Two relatively good efforts were soiled by internal and external mistakes as the home losing streak stretched to 11 games. They are a disaster in the Prudential Center and while the penalty kill has come around, the powerless play has been to blame for their inability to close the gap against better teams. Blackwood and Wedgewood both gave solid efforts and performances in net that were again wasted for one reason or another. I don’t need to show you the plays that cost them the win on Saturday nor the decisions outside of the rink that led to the heartbreaking result on Sunday but if they do not start winning games soon, they may have the best pre-lottery draft position in their history and I am positive that that is not a good thing for team and fan morale.

Let’s hope that this brutal home stretch of losses comes to an end against a vulnerable Buffalo Sabres team. If that yields another loss, I shudder to think about the implications.

Hang in there everyone, we are almost at the halfway point. Let’s hope they go out there and keep giving good efforts like they did this weekend.