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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 88: Outmatched and Outplayed

They can’t figure out the Washington Capitals

Washington Capitals v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

This weekend, a set of back-to-back home losses has served to curb the excitement among Devils fans earlier in the season. It is clear that they are not ready to be in any sort of contending tier, despite two games that looked close at times but were more frustrating than exciting. The Devils have a lot to figure out to remain in the playoff conversation but the development of the young kids far supersedes the ineffectiveness of the veterans so far. Pavel Zacha continued his absolutely ridiculous month, extending his point streak to 10 games, and the Devils will finally see opponents this week not named the Sabres or Capitals. Hopefully, they can find another gear for finishing opportunities and for the special teams to actually help them win games instead of actively leading to losses.

Fingers crossed that Hischier and Wood will not miss too much time, they are important in these next few matchups where the Devils’ speed will be their most likely path to victory.

As always, thanks for listening and Let’s Go Devils!