Those Headed to Market in the Summer

I feel a lot of people have weighed in their opinions about what to do with Kyle Palmieri, Nikita Gusev, and Travis Zajac as this season progresses. Also not to mention Vatanen, Kulikov, and Murray are also on the last year of their current contracts. With 6 NHL caliber players waiting to sign their next deal Fitz most likely is at a point where he hasn’t seen enough from really any of these guys to hand them a new contract. A lot of comments have a strong opinion and wish a good amount of the 6 listed should be traded unless were somehow very close to the playoff push. I’d like to add this deadline day seems to got a lot more significant for the Devils with the schedule update so that’s another issue because we may be 5+ games behind. Im personally with the trade group because we saw what happened when Parise Clarkson and Kovalchuk walked out the front door for nothing in return but a lose of draft picks and 250k owed a year cause of a bad contract. I don’t know what the market value will be for each of the six players listed but it’s going to be a challenge for Fitz to make all the right calls. I think one thing to remember is if they aren’t deserving of a contract extension mid season and the devils do trade them and really still feel there’s something there they can always come back to them during free agency. I think the devils are getting closer and if we flip some assets around I think stellar improvements can be added to the team. I wanted to make this post to allow everyone to discuss this on a post specificity for the upcoming free agents.

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