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Bingo Bites: BDevils Season Begins On High Note

Not much has changed from last year as the Binghamton Devils continue their winning ways so far at the start of the 2021 season with a 2-0-0-1 record, good for 1st place in the North Division

Photo Credit: JustSports Photography / Binghamton Devils

It’s been a while since my last Bites piece back on August 24th, 2020 with an abbreviated post as there was not much to report on other than some thoughts from my colleague and fellow Panel member Tracey Lake during that warm summer afternoon.

Forward to today, it still is conflicted as the pandemic continues to disrupt most of us in the sports world including everyday life. Surely there will be an end to this soon for all of us one would hope. Meanwhile, we make the most of this current state as I have with the latest Bites Edition, and hopefully you readers will do the same and be safe.

Photo Credit: JustSports Photography / Binghamton Devils

The Devils Organization has many prospects in the system and it continues to march on with early success under the Tom Fitzgerald regime both up top as well as the support system in the AHL.

I want to focus on several prospects, namely defensemen Michael Vukojevic and Nikita Okhotiuk, as well as forward Nolan Foote to start. The three have made an impact so far and deserve separate recognitions in my future Profile Series at some point, although still a little too early. The same can be said of the dynamic dual of Ben Street and Brett Seney as arguably the top two linemates in the AHL.

There have been others that have caught my eye. Fabian Zetterlund as well as newcomers Tyler Irvine, Cam Darcy, Travis St. Denis, Danick Martel, and Reilly Walsh, who seems to have a voice when it comes to the on go decision makings during on-ice discussions from my viewpoint. Mikhail Maltsev makes Marian Studenic that much better. I also yearn for the return of Gilles Senn sooner than later in his development because time is wasting.

Photo Credit: JustSports Photography / Binghamton Devils

Binghamton has had a difficult time out of the box. Coach MD has addressed this in the media before the previous game on Saturday. After the opening faceoff, there was an immediate break to the net by Fabian Zetterlund that almost resulted in a goal. My thoughts were ok, the guys get it but early troubles in the penalty box put the team on a two-goal disadvantage in the opening 20 minutes. You can find my recap here from Saturday’s SO loss.

That would be a common denominator so far as the BDevils have yet to open up a game with a lead. Don’t get me wrong as the club currently sits in first place in the North Division riding a three-game point streak (2-0-0-1), but at some point, a lead at the start would be nice to build off from in lieu of comebacks.

All three contests so far have the BDevils crawling back to make it an even game, especially in the third period only to send each into overtime. That is a very good sign as a bunch of players that won’t quit under the helm of Coach MD. That builds character which further leads to confidence that starves off the veterans that begin with their Captain Ben Street, a player that has influence in the locker room and on the track to be one of the, if not the best Captain in Binghamton hockey history if he continues down this path and is resigned once again for next season.

As my Profile Series content continues to grow with the latest statement, the Binghamton Devils have turned the corner after several years of disappointment. And I don’t see the trend to go off the rails anytime soon as there is plenty of quality talent and depth currently on this club leading up to the future in New Jersey.

I also want to share there WILL be a Quarterly Report & Evaluations coming up for this abbreviated season with most of the cast from The Panel. So stay tuned for that as they are dedicated as well.

This also is noted as BDevils’ GM Dan MacKinnon addresses the current situation of the Devils’ Organization with the decision to move games from Binghamton to Newark.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!