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Air Your Devils-Related Grievances on the Next Garden State of Hockey

The next episode of Garden State of Hockey will be recorded on Festivus. As the 2021-22 New Jersey Devils slide into oblivion, this episode will be one where you can air your grievances about the Devils. Details about this are in this post.

SLUG: ME/FESTIVUS1 DATE: 12/17/2008 CREDIT: Sarah L. Voisin
Yes, we’re recording the next episode on the 23rd.
Photo by Sarah L. Voisin/The The Washington Post via Getty Images

The New Jersey Devils have put up some utterly embarrassing performances in recent games. Dan and I have lamented the team’s performances, still hoping for better (perhaps along with you), and receiving worse in reality. With the holiday season coming up and a busy hockey schedule, Dan and I worked out that our next recording date will be on December 23 prior to the Devils home game against Montreal (Aside: Please do not lose to this miserable Montreal team, Devils).

For those who are aware, December 23 is the traditional date to celebrate the not-quite-so-traditional holiday for the rest of us: Festivus. A day we have to at least recognize. As the Garden State of Hockey is a podcast, there is not much value to putting up an aluminum pole. Or to perform feats of strength. However, we can honor one critical Festivus tradition: the airing of grievances.

The 2021-22 New Jersey Devils have surely given you, the People Who Matter, plenty of grievances. Rather than having Dan and I air our own - which we do regularly on the podcast - we want you to come onto the show to air your grievances. I’m sure you have a lot of problems with the Devils organization; we want to hear about them. Whether it is about the team’s performance, a particular player, a coach or coaching staff, Tom Fitzgerald, the third jersey, the Prudential Center’s bag policy, or anything else Devils-related, we want to hear your grievance.

We are planning to record at around 2 PM ET on Thursday, December 23. If you are interested in having your say about the Devils on the show, please email Dan or me - email addresses are in the masthead - and we will send you a link to the call. Please keep your grievances to be 30 seconds or less. If you cannot make this time to air your grievance, or want to record it ahead of time, then please keep your grievance at 30 seconds or less, record it in a non-Apple exclusive format, and contact Dan by email. We will try to get as many takes as possible. Keep in mind that this will be recorded and posted on All About the Jersey (so watch your language), and we do reserve editorial control about the take. At the least we will hear directly from you, the People Who Matter for this Festivus holiday.

Thank you in advance for those who want and will participate. Hopefully, the Devils do not do anything to warrant more grievances by Thursday. But I would not bet on it at this rate.