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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 120: That Familiar Sinking Feeling

Things are getting bad again.

New Jersey Devils v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Things went from bad to worse quickly and even though it’s not included in this episode, they did not improve against the Philadelphia Flyers last night. We’ve reached the point in the season where change is being demanded and any optimism is gone as the fans desperately look for a sign that the team has indeed taken a step forward. It is difficult to envision how this situation gets better from within; there may need to be some personnel and staffing changes sooner rather than later before the spiraling really starts to take hold and the Devils are done playing any semblance of meaningful hockey by January.

Hopefully things turn around and quickly, but with this power play and general level of play and the NHL’s recent COVID outbreaks, I would not hold my breath on anticipating a quick and miraculous turnaround.

As always though, thank you again for listening and stay strong out there, Devils fans.