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Gamethread #20: New Jersey Devils vs. San Jose Sharks

November ends this evening with the New Jersey Devils hosting the San Jose Sharks. The Devils won in a shootout against them earlier this month; can the Devils take two more points from the Teal Squad? Talk about it here as it happens.

New Jersey Devils v San Jose Sharks
Smith! Gadjovich? Bernier? Maybe some of these people and more will play tonight!
Photo by Amanda Cain/NHLI

This is the end of November. Tomorrow begins December. And not only is Our Favorite Team still playing games with some meaning, they are hosting a team they beat in a shootout earlier this month. Yes, a shootout win. Let us hope Our Favorite Team does not need to do that again against this opponent. Also: This is Yet Another ESPN+/Hulu Exclusive.

The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils vs. the San Jose Sharks (SBN Blog: Fear the Fin)

The Time: 7:00 PM ET

The Broadcasts: Digital Video - ESPN+, Hulu; Digital Audio - The Devils Hockey Network (

The Song for the Evening: A little bit after “It Gets Funkier,” the Vulfpeck group decided to go in a more electronic direction. Featuring Theo Katzman on the pillow and socks and including Joey Dosik oddly not in a Lakers jersey, this is “It Gets Funkier II.”

The Rules: The rules remain the rules regardless of the team wrapping up their season set with San Jose on this final day in November. Please keep your comments clean, legal (read: no illegal streams, no links to illegal streams, no asking for illegal streams, no illegal streams), and all about the games itself. Just as importantly, let’s respect each other. There’s no need for drama or being unwelcoming of your fellow Devils fan. This is a Gamethread, let’s focus on the game. Thank you for reading. Go Devils!