AATJ Community Fantasy League Open Thread

Good Morning fellow fantasy general managers!

It has been awhile since I have made a post, my apologies. Been studying hard for an IT certification and some college courses and it has been certainly quite the time suck. Well first off lets take a look at the standings!

Thankfully I handed FrankG his first loss of the season, I had feared he evil empire would run for 1000 years. We had a tie! I have not seen that before and could have sworn there was a tie breaker setting. Regardless that is something that if it can be changed, should be voted on and done in the offseason. Changing a setting like that mid season would unfair to the fellows who already registered a tie. We have quite the parity going on too. I notice waivers are much more barren in a league filled with hockey fanatics, and a lot of them to boot. So scouring the waivers for any hidden gems takes a bit of research but I like it that way.

Alright some book keeping now. So I posted a poll about whether or not we would keep weekly roster transactions at a limit of 5 or not. Only 6 people voted (including myself) and the vote was 5-1 in favor of NO weekly transaction limits. I removed that limit yesterday. I know the poll is kind of hidden on the app, so next time I post one I will try to find a better way to notify everyone. Please try and vote next time. I prefer to have a majority opinion, but I have a feeling most of us are okay with the transaction limit removal. Another thing. I also adjusted a setting where trades have to be voted on by every manager, if the majority veto it then the trade does not go through. In my experience, this can be frustrating. Some people aren't on their fantasy apps as much as others, and it can be tough to be the guy waiting for a transaction to go through and miss the roster lock window. So I made it that only I have to approve or deny the trade. I am by all accounts a fantasy nerd so I think I am a good supreme court justice of trade approval but by all means if anyone sees something in a trade that I don't (think collusion) then please vocalize it!

Anyways, hope you guys are enjoying it! Sorry again for the uneven league size and the weird bye weeks. Hopefully we can find a good balance and maybe play for some cash next year or even start a dynasty league too! Enjoy your weekend and LGD.

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