Why we need Martin Necas

Martin Necas is 23 in January and is coming up on his RFA summer. The hurricanes need to decide on who to sign, Necas along with deangelo, Cole, Bear, Kokotniemi, trocheck and niederietter, with 20 million in cap. It’s definitely a good amount and I don’t think they’re really stressing about it. That being said I still would be willing to trade groves of prospects picks and players for this kid. He’s listed as a center but mainly now plays right wing and is a righty which would be exactly what this teams in need of. Also very reliable in his own zone he seems to be the full package.


that would be absolutely disgusting and would finally be a second line with no border 3rd liners on it. Give them what they want minus Luke Holtz Smith and Dawson and I’m good. Hypothetically if this were to happen it’d be 2022 off season where id be willing to let 2023 1st fly and lead them on my making it unprotected

That’s my bit on him. Others players that I think would fit would be: (fit meaning that they’re in that age group that this team lacks and are just good players)

Kubalik, Gurionov, Hintz, Labanc, Greenway, McCann, Wahlstrom, Kratsov, Debrincat, Vatrano

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