The Future Looks Bright

The Devils needed to go thru a rebuild and the organization is nearing the end of the rebuild. Team had to get younger faster and more talented. We have a ton of guys to bring this organization to a championship level. Organization has assets (including cap space) to make final extra.

Goalies --- Blackwood and (like Brodeur) a rotating group of backups SENN/DAWS could be main backup

Defense --- In a couple of years, you could see a young group of players to protect The NET ---- Blackwood has played well with a group of older slower and below average Defense. He will be even more established in GOAL once the defense brings in the NEW CORE ---- Severson and Smith are already here then add Mukhamadullin Walsh Bahl

Forwards ---

TOP 6 --- Well TOP 6 already have our top 2 center Hischier Hughes Wingers Holtz Bratt Mercer Foote Sharangovich Boqvist

Bottom 6 --- C - Zacha Maltsev McLeod W - Wood Thompson Clarke Merkley Bastian Johnsson


Just shows how much the organization has done to rebuild the team. Getting deeper in talent and this is just in house and (not even everyone) PLUS FUTURE DRAFT PICKS COMING --- CAP SPACE (Zajac 5.7 MIL) Kyle (not a sure thing he re-signs) same for Gusev. Cammalleri finally is off the books 1.7 MIL ----- DO not think Subban will be moved due to Organizations not wanted to add payroll with lack of fans

Could I see some guys being moved (if Devils are not in playoffs - which could happen as season moved along but who knows) ---- Could Murray be moved and bring added talent or picks? Could Vantanen be moved again maybe bring in more than last time if healthy at this deadline?

Then ADD THE FACT OF Expansion Draft - teams could move guys to open ability to protect others --- I do not think teams will play this I will give you this this and this to not pick this guy ----- Vegas ran with it and received some much assets that this TEAM is DEEP -- Seattle will not get as lucky IN MY OPINION

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