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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 80: Fast Start for the Kids

The Devils look ok out there!

New Jersey Devils v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Today’s episode focuses on the first two games against the Boston Bruins. The game against the New York Rangers will be included in the next episode and we will be most likely moving to the biweekly format again in order to account for all of these clustered games with relevancy. However, a lot of the points regarding the Boston games held true against New York, as these young New Jersey Devils looked every bit the equal of the Bruins and displayed a level of effort that has been rare to see these past few years. We highlight the performances of Hughes and Blackwood in particular and talk about how the new additions have factored in thus far.

We also scope out the next two weeks in Devils hockey as the schedule begins to ramp up in earnest. As such, we’re looking to have biweekly episodes to make sure all of our material and news stays as relevant as possible. If there are any other comments, questions, or concerns about the podcast, be sure to let us know.

Thank you as always for listening and let’s keep it rolling!