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Gamethread #1: New Jersey Devils vs. Boston Bruins

Welcome to the return of New Jersey Devils hockey. The 56-game 2021 season begins tonight at the Prudential Center against the Boston Bruins. Fans and readers, the People Who Matter, can discuss the game as it happens here in this post - a Gamethread.

Boston Bruins v New Jersey Devils
The Devils’ 2021 campaign begins against Boston tonight.
Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

Tonight is the return of New Jersey Devils hockey. What that will be in 2021 remains to be seen. We do not know whether all 56 games will be played. We do know that there will be games that the Devils win where they do well, games that the Devils win despite how poorly they performed, games the Devils lose where they do poorly, and games that the Devils lose despite how well they performed. Those four outcomes are the guarantees in any season. This is the first game and we will see which one of those four happen.

This is a Gamethread. This is a place for you, the People Who Matter, to comment on the game as it happens. It is open about an hour before the puck drops and will remain open until the recap is up. Play nice with each other.

The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils vs. the Boston Bruins (SBN Blog: Stanley Cup of Chowder)

The Time: 7:00 PM ET

The Broadcasts: TV - MSG+, NESN; Digital Audio - The Devils Hockey Network (

The Song for the Evening: Hatebreed is one of the most successful hardcore bands of the past twenty years. Their 2003 album The Rise of Brutality is fantastic. The ninth track makes a good opener for a season like this one as any: “A Lesson Lived is a Lesson Learned.”

The Rules: The rules remain the rules regardless of this very different season format. Please keep your comments clean, legal (read: no streams, no links to streams, no asking for streams, no streams), and all about the games itself. Just as importantly, let’s respect each other. There’s no need for drama or being unwelcoming of your fellow Devils fan. This is a Gamethread, let’s focus on the game. Thank you for reading. Go Devils!