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Major News Announced Concerning Home of BDevils in Binghamton

Exciting times coming ahead as the Arena corner of the downtown area transformation takes place

Courtesy of WBNG-TV12

There was news concerning the home of the Binghamton Devils as broadcasted by local television WBNG-TV12. Renovations will take place at 1 Stuart Place and surrounding areas in downtown Binghamton, as rumors have been circulating for months but were now made public.

Arena Renovations & Surrounding Areas will include a two-phase renovation plan with the initial phase already in the process according to sources. The cost will be in the millions and could reach a total of $180 million when completed, as funds coming from the State.

Planned will be upgraded locker rooms, expansion of both the front and back of the Arena including loading docks and storage space while improving the front operations, a secondary ice rink, an additional hotel facility, along with a new riverfront park system along the Susquehanna River. What is exciting is a Convention Center will be included that should attract additional fans otherwise as outsiders.

This also follows the news of the renaming rights for the Arena and will be known as the Visions Federal Credit Union Veterans Memorial Arena.

That’s a lot of typing so don’t be surprised if I narrow this down to ‘The Bank’ during my recaps this season coming up. The agreement runs for ten years as the former facade read as the Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena. The transition will take place on Jan 1st, 2021.

So far, the old sound system has been replaced alongside new video boards while there will be additional options on viewing events on the ‘Party Platforms’ that will be surrounding the outer tops of the rink in the near future. With all that has been progressing in the downtown area lately, this including the influx of college students, should be a likely hit within the community.

The Arena was completed in 1973 and was first home of the Broome Dusters hockey team for five seasons in the NAHL. The team then graduated to the AHL in 1977 where they have been a staple franchise ever since. Today the New Jersey Devils supply their prospects for Binghamton hockey fans.

Stay tuned as the 2020-’21 AHL season will begin during the first week of December as I will have full coverage for the BDevils with prospects, rookies, veterans, recaps and profiles. Also, The Panel with their quarterly reviews as well as ECHL updates with Tracey here at AAtJ!