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All Devils-Flyers Fights since 2015

Title speaks for itself. Short recap posted with each fight.

New Jersey Devils v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

Fighting is a heavily contested part of the game of hockey. Some find it barbaric and unnecessary - they want it to be permanently banned. Others find it entertaining and fun, a way to truly let the atmosphere rise.

As for me, I just like watching some fights, so here are all the Devils-Flyers fights since 2015!

All fights can be found on Hockey Fights


In the shortened current season, there was only one fight that took place between the Devils and Flyers. This fight took place between Kyle Palmieri and Matt Niskanen.

Not much to see here. Niskanen cleanly pounds Hughes, and Palmieri jumps Niskanen. Overall, no punches thrown.

Winner: Draw


Somehow, there were no fights between the two teams this year.


There were three fights between the Flyers and Devils during this season.

The first occurred between former Devils defenseman John Moore and current Flyers forward Michael Raffl.

The fight is initiated by John Moore, in retaliation of Raffl tripping former Devil goalie Ken Appleby near his net. Moore is able to land two shots to start against Raffl, before Raffl responded with two shots on his own. Then, Moore, trying to throw another punch, ends up losing his balance and falling over.

Result: Draw

Later in the year, Radko Gudas interefered Kyle Palmieri, which led to Brandon Manning and Damon Severson “fighting” near the bench.

While more of a wrestling match, Manning was able to take Severson down. The voters on Hockey Fights voted this one a draw

Result: Draw

The last fight is the memory that inspired this piece - Travis Zajac battling Radko Gudas. While Zajac is not a fighter, this fight was an amazing display by Zajac.

Zajac unleashed a flurry of punches on Gudas to start the fight, decking him with punches. Gudas responded with a couple of his own, before Zajac is able to flip him over with the takedown. A clear and decisive win for Zajac in this fight.

Results: Devils 1-0


Four fights this year, two of which were with future Devil Wayne Simmonds.

First fight took place between former tough guy Seth Helgeson and the ever-scrappy Dale Weise.

Helgeson throws absolute bombs at Weise. His rights make heavy contact, before he eventually takes Weise down. An absolute win for Helgeson, and a great fight

Result: 2-0 Devils

At the end of the 1st period, Wayne Simmonds threw a late check after the whistle at a Devil, which resulted in everyone on the ice battling it out. Officially, only once fight occurred - a fight between Mike Cammalleri and Nick Cousins.

While Cousins lands the punches on Cammalleri, Cammalleri catches Cousins in somewhat of a choke, which causes Cousins to collapse to the ice. Cammalleri then lands a shot on Cousins, before the fight comes to an end.

Result: Draw

Next fight takes place a month later, as Miles Wood foolishly chose to fight Wayne Simmonds.

Result: Flyers (2-1)

Wood started off well, with three punches to start it off, but Simmonds quickly took control and bullied him down with a swift hook to upper cut combination.

The last fight was between tough guy Dalton Prout and good friend Wayne Simmonds again.

Prout, the bigger man, had the edge on Simmonds in terms of reach, causing him to fight more conservatively. Because of this, Simmonds was forced to wait for an opening which never emerged, and Prout tagged him.

Result: Devils (3-1)


The last fight I’ll be recapping took place between former tough guy Bobby Farnham and still-current Flyer Scott Laughton.

If you watched this fight, you would’ve assumed that Farnham was the promising young rookie, while Laughton was the tough guy. Alas, the roles were reversed, but Farnham still got grilled with punches before being taken down.

Final Results

Devils win 3-2!


While fighting has calmed down significantly, the Devils-Flyers battles will hopefully continue in the foreseeable future. If the Devils are able to become competitive again, we should see a lot more fun battles, and hopefully some more scrums!
Take care!