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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 53: April 22, 1988

We revisit a legendary playoff performance as we await more current Devils news.

Capitals v Devils Photo by Focus on Sport via Getty Images

This week, as we awaited concrete news about the New Jersey Devils’ coaching situation, we decided to revisit one of the all time great playoff performances not just in Devils history but in league history. As you watch this back, marvel at how quickly this eight point performance from Patrik Sundstrom and an absolutely shocking four assists from Ken Daneyko get washed out by over 230 combined penalty minutes between the two teams. You can say this game went off the rails on multiple dimensions but if you’ve got some time, it’s an exciting watch and Washington’s broadcast is impressively balanced and insightful:

What are some of your thoughts on this performance and which part of this game surprises you the most? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to cover any news that comes out in the coming days. (Yes, we know Lindy Ruff’s name was floated in rumors yesterday but there seem to be no definitive announcements on that front.)

Thanks for listening and as always, Let’s Go Devils!