Things I "need" to see next year

This year it was nice seeing Mac preform as a number one, but besides that this year was just one big let down.

These are a few things I really want to see this team do next year to give me confidence that we will actually progress.

1. Nico takes over. I don’t expect a 80+ point season. But I’d like to see a 25 goal campaign and 60+ points. That’s my hopes obviously this would be if he played a full 82 games. But I’d also like him to start really demonstrating his "two way" ability and be back in the plus catagory.

2. Hughes looks comfortable, he was a boy playing against men this year, never looked comfortable and had a very poor year for a first overall pick who was coming into the season looking like he was going to be playing for a talented team.

3. Our prospects playing well and doing that in the AHL, it was nice seeing Binghamton win games.

4. Draft well and get lucky I guess. We’ve missed on McLeod and Zacha let’s face it. We have a chance on getting 3 picks in the top 20.

5. Arizona and Vancouver lose right away. Give us that hall pick we deserve and I’d like an unprotected 2021. They always seem to backfire for the team that gives it up

6. Ty Smith. Please be good. Like just do what Adam Fox did so rangers fans can shut up.

7. Subban... be better. We’re paying you 9 mil. Please atleast be a force on the PP

8. I had high hopes for Boqvist so I hope he can get comfortable next year

9. I want a coach I know can make this team better

10. Find out which under 25 year olds are here to stay and which ones are expendable

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