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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 49: October 12, 1993

Our final (?) retrospective for now takes us to the beginnings of the contending period for our Devils as they take on the Jets early in the 93-94 season.


This week, we looked back at an early season game from 1993-94 as the Devils took on the Winnipeg Jets in the Meadowlands. There are lots of high caliber names in this game, including most of the Devils’ championship squad from the year to follow and players like Alexei Zhamnov, Keith Tkachuk and Teemu Selanne for Winnipeg. Watch as the Devils manage to have seven different goal scorers and both teams manage to accrue countless penalty minutes in a gritty October game.

We got some news yesterday regarding the return to NHL play and it seems the Devils season has come to an end. Goodbye 2019-2020 NHL and New Jersey Devils regular season. You were the worst. While the Devils were right on the adjusted playoff cusp, they certainly did not deserve to be competing for a championship this year and now get to start work on their offseason rather than acting as fodder for an actual cup contender. It’s definitely understandable to be disappointed by the format and knowing Devils hockey is quite far away now but this has been a season and a year of unprecedented change in New Jersey and the world so maybe having the extra time may be beneficial for a franchise in absolute flux.

In regards to this news, we’ll break down what it means for the Devils off-season on the next episode and what the next steps are for the team in terms of the personnel searches and draft plans as we get closer to the end of June.

For now, thank you for listening and following along with some historic Devils games. We’ll bring this exercise back for some down times or if news is slow on the Devils front during a given week.

Stay safe and well, everyone!