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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 48: Roller Hockey!

I hope you like bright colors, 90s vibes and Bergerons.

Manon Rheaume... Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

As mentioned last week, this week’s episode takes a look at the exciting era of Roller Hockey International, especially in the state of New Jersey. Prominently featured in the broadcast, this episode and our thumbnail is Manon Rheaume who made the televised debut of a woman playing professional hockey. She put together a solid performance but it was not enough to overcome the Stampede on this day as the Rockin’ Rollers fell in a fast-paced game. We went over a lot of RHI history as well as breaking down this game so be sure to listen along and let us know what you remember from that league.

Our next one features a young and not-yet-invincible Martin Brodeur:

This week, we have Winnipeg’s broadcast of one of Martin Brodeur’s earliest regular season starts. This game features great names in both Devils and Jets/Coyotes history so it should be a fun one to start bringing us into some modern-day NHL news. It sounds like there are resolutions for the season and draft on the way but until then, we’ll continue to regale you with tales of New Jersey hockey past.

As always, thank you for listening! Let us know if there’s any particular game or moment in Devils history you’d like to hear us discuss.