How would you like to see the 2019-20 season play out?

I brought this up in the comments section of Devils in the Details post about 2 weeks ago and since today is the two-month anniversary of the NHL going on "pause", I thought it might be a good time to get a feel from the fans. The Athletic asked this question almost a month ago and I thought the responses were surprisingly mixed.

As a fan of the Devils, I wouldn't mind if their season was done. It was done long before the "pause", so to bring them back seems unnecessary. As a fan of hockey, I'd like to see it come back. Ideally, I'd like some regular season games and then the playoffs. I think the hub idea makes some sense and then go to a 16 team playoff. I also think playing some regular season games in a hub would serve as a trial for the playoffs. It would also be much less messy if something went south to pull the plug on the remaining regular season games than to start the playoffs and then have to pull the plug.

Who knows if any of that is even possible or feasible. There are so many unknowns right now so it's tough to make any predictions.

One thing does seem certain though. Back in December, Mike asked: "Are we currently experiencing the most miserable season in Devils History?" Yes, Mike. We are.

What are your thoughts two months into the "pause"?

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