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Dylan Holloway: 2020 NHL Draft Profile

Surrounded by top prospects on an underperforming Wisconsin team, Dylan Holloway is an intriguing option as a mid-first round selection

Who is Dylan Holloway?: Dylan Holloway is a forward on the Wisconsin Badgers. While he didn’t explode statistically for Wisconsin, Holloway is a proven offensive threat from his time in midget hockey, and perhaps is worth a waiver as a sleeper pick. In his first year in Wisconsin, Holloway recorded 8 goals, 9 assists, and a noticeable 49 penalty minutes in 35 games. Here are his full stats.

Dylan is recorded at 6’0”, weighing 192 pounds, bringing ample size to any NHL team. Simply put, Holloway is a grinder. He is willing to use his body to bully others, hoping to develop into an offensive power forward, while using deceptive speed to stride his way past others.

Where is Dylan Holloway Ranked? As the year has progressed, Dylan Holloway’s stock has stayed steady. Currently, he is ranked:

#15 by Hockey Prospects

#10 by Future Considerations

#20 by ISS Hockey

#17 by McKeen’s Hockey

#16 by Elite Prospects

As has been mentioned in previous articles, if the season were to end today with current playoff standings, the Devils would have two first round picks, at #6 (NJ) and #10(ARZ). Only Future Considerations would rank Holloway as worthy of the later pick. If Vancouver were to make the playoffs, assuming the regular season were the resume, the Devils would receive a 3rd, later first round pick.

What Others Say about Holloway:

Peter Baracchini from the Hockey Writers has this to say about Holloway:

Holloway’s vision and decision-making away from the puck is still what makes him a top prospect and a complete player overall, one that general managers and scouts would love to see. He’s always engaged in puck battles and never backs down when challenging the opposition. Once the offensive production starts to be more consistent, then that will be another aspect of his game that makes him a complete threat.

Holloway, based on this description, profiles as a physical power forward, not afraid to put his body on the line. He fights for the puck, and plays his heard out to help his team.

Steve Kourianos of The Draft Analyst had this to say

A hard-working power forward with a strong sense for the game, Holloway was one of the top players in Canadian Junior “A” for the AJHL’s Okotoks Oilers before beginning his draft year as a freshman for the University of Wisconsin. Blessed with ideal size and excellent balance, Holloway is a jack of all trades who can play either center or wing; serve as a playmaker or finish around the net; and most importantly, be matched up against opposing top players. Although his start with the Badgers has yet to produce eye-popping stats, one must consider his ability to impact shifts without denting the scoresheet. Additionally, he was a key figure in a Wisconsin recruiting class that also included forwards Alex Turcotte, Cole Caufield, and Owen Lindmark, so there is only so much puck for these talented underclassmen to share.

Holloway is a hound off the puck who consistently applies pressure with physicality, especially on the penalty kill. He gets involved on the forecheck and creates turnovers thanks to smart reads, proper stick positioning and quick turns towards the direction of puck travel. Holloway has proven to be effective in various types of zone-coverage schemes and usually stays within the system being implemented. By watching him react to puck movement accordingly while maintaining positional flexibility, you get the sense that Holloway is not trying to do everyone’s job and listens to the coaching staff’s instructions.

Kourianos describes Holloway as a complete forward, who can play against anyone, and compete hard defensively. He attributes Holloway’s weak season to the presence of top prospects Turcotte and Caufield, while praising Holloway for his reaction skills and knowing his role. He is coachable and follows directions.

Initially, I was underwhelmed by his season, and confused by his high ranking. However, as I research more about Holloway, I see a prospect with the potential to explode once his shot improves, and is performing his role for the team, while allowing Turcotte and Caufield to serve as the explosive scorers. Players like Holloway have the potential to play anywhere necessary early on, and is an interesting prospect to watch.

Video Highlights:

Draft Dynasty uploaded this amazing video highlighting Dylan Holloway’s strengths. Go check out his channel, as he covers multiple other prospects as well!

As seen in the video, Holloway is an excellent skater, as his strides come with power and force, derived from his long strides. Furthermore, he is willing to use that power to get to dirty areas, crashing the net and causing pressure to defenders. As is mentioned, the numbers will come as he grows more and develops a more important role for Wisconsin, and is an exciting prospect to follow and watch.

Where Would Holloway Fit In?

If chosen by the Devils, I’d love to see Holloway as Wayne Simmonds in his prime, or a (way) more effective Miles Wood. His game is currently based off of his power, and driving the net to score a goal. Teams are high on Holloway despite the lack of numbers, showing the belief in his skills regardless of results. Holloway also appears to be a safer prospect — Even with his high ceiling, I don’t see him as a player that could end up being a huge bust, as he could fill a key role as an effective bottom-six forward worst case, although his potential is that of a highly effective top-scoring forward.

Furthermore, Holloway already has an advanced defensive understanding for his age. Oftentimes, hyped past forwards such as Mattias Tedenby or Reid Boucher were held back either due to their body being unable to handle the physical rigor of the NHL or lacking the defensive instincts to adjust well to the NHL. Holloway, with his size and grit, is unlikely to struggle in that aspect, and his coachability should allow for coaches to mold him however they see him.

Lastly, his playmaking abilities and quick reaction skills would allow him to see the ice clearly, making smart decisions and helping the play on ice with his superior vision and IQ, while also causing turnovers.

Personally, I would love for the Devils to draft Holloway. He has the potential to become an excellent forward in the future, and I am excited to see how his career develops.

Your Thoughts: What are your thoughts on Dylan Holloway? Would you love to see the Devils draft him, and where would you like to see him drafted? Let me know in the comments below, and take care.