Mock draft to 18th Overall

1. Alexis Laferniere

2. Quinton Byfield

3. Tim Stützle

4. Jamie Drysdale

5. Marco Rossi

6. Cole Perfetti

7. Alexander Holtz

8. Lucas Raymond

9. Jake Sanderson

10. Anton Lundell

11. Jack Quinn

12. Yaroslav Askarov

13. Connor Zary

14. Dylan Holloway

15. Dawson Mercer

16. Jeremy Porier

17. Jan Mysak

18. Noel Gunler

I have the Canadiens higher in the top ten because of the bias and that the Sens have two picks and Habs also have a selection. If the devils get Lundell at 10 I’d be very happy because he’s fallen a few spots which could’ve been because he was injured during the WJC but I think he’d be a great 200 foot player. What would you guys change on this list and who would you like the devils to draft with their 3 hypothetical selections.

-I’m going with Rossi (absolute stud), BPA, Holloway (great winger for Hughes in the future, great attributes that can lead to a very influential player)

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