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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 36: Goalies and Enforcers

Schneider stays hot but we put to rest any rumors of him usurping Blackwood and we delve into John Hayden and some of the other overutilized/underperforming Devils of the past.

St. Louis Blues v New Jersey Devils Photo by Andy Marlin/NHLI via Getty Images

This weekend, we played a rousing edition of Hockey or Jockey to start off and answered some of your questions/concerns about what this Cory Schneider streak means for Blackwood’s starting job. Spoiler alert: pretty much nothing. Then, we talk about John Hayden and some other Devils since 2007 that have had historic struggles on New Jersey’s team and John captured their stinky essence in this post from earlier in the week. Some very unpleasant memories were unearthed in this discussion as some botched first rounders and some enforcers who were certainly not known for their incredible possession stats and point production were revisited.

Who else should be on this list and what are you watching for as the March gauntlet continues?

The Devils take on the Rangers tonight and I know we’re all hoping they carry the momentum from the game against the Blues to continue to act as spoilers when it matters most. Best of luck to them as the Rangers have been hot.

As always, thanks for listening and feel free to leave questions!