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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 35: West Coast Swing

Schneider was stellar, the Devils as a whole were not but managed to find some results. We talk about those games and which Bingo Devils are likely to stay in Jersey.

New Jersey Devils v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Today we covered the last week in games with the exception of the whimper against the Golden Knights as the Devils started their trip 2-0-2 thanks to some great efforts from the goalies and not much else going on anywhere in the lineup outside of Anaheim. Also, we delve into the non-emergency call up situation to determine which players have the best chance of finishing the season with the Devils and which ones are likely to stay in Binghamton. Jesper Boqvist and Josh Jacobs were the first two but some names to watch for include Janne Kuokkanen, Brett Seney and Nathan Bastian.

Who are you hoping to get a glimpse at in a Devils uniform as they play spoiler during a tough March? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to cover it.

Good luck to the boys, this month looks like it may be an absolutely brutal one.