Jack Hughes had the worst rookie season of a #1 overall in 20 years.

Considering that the Devils are most likely not playing another game in the 2019-20 season, I suppose the autopsy can begin.

Which brings me to the title of the post. To say that Jack Hughes underwhelmed is perhaps an understatement. While no one was expecting 60+ points, a final stat line of 7G - 14A - 21P in 61 games is not great.

I ran across a video that actually listed out the rookie seasons of the last 20 #1 picks, and Hughes had the worst season in terms of points and a few other top level statistics. Here's the video:

The video doesn't offer any discussion or thoughts or anything other than "here are the stat lines, Hughes sucks"

Which is why I come here, for actual discussion. What are some thoughts or reasons why Hughes was so bad this year. I would say the team was terrible, but most all of other #1 OA were on bad teams. I feel like he was just unlucky, he could easily have had 10-15 more points, but neither he or his linemates could finish a play.

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