Draft Regrets, We've Had a Few.

Many of us are stuck inside and hockey coverage is non-existent. Alex's post today about draft picks reminded me of a fan post I've been thinking about writing for awhile.

The idea is simple, look at ten years of drafts from 2006-2015 and find the player the Devils should have drafted in each draft. Everyone likes to yell about the guy the Devils should have taken, this is your chance. The only rules are:

  • You can only draft someone after the Devils had their selection. You can't draft McDavid because he wasn't available for the Devils.
  • To make it a little more interesting, you can only draft someone who was within my completely arbitrary number of the next 10 selections. For example, in the 2007 draft you can't select Jamie Benn (#129) over Matt Halischuk (#117) because Benn was greater than 10 selections from Halischuk.
I get that draft boards are different and yadda yadda yadda. This is just meant to be fun time killer.


Devils Select: #67 Kirill Tulupov
Hindsight Selects: #72 Brad Marchand

We're off to a fun start. The first round is basically off limits because the Devils have the last pick in the first round so we have to look in the later rounds. We find it in the 3rd. We also have a Eric Gryba sighting with the #68 pick.


Devils Select: #57 Mike Hoeffel
Hindsight Selects: #61 Wayne Simmonds

The Devils start late with the #57 pick. Oddly enough it looks like our pal Wayne Simmonds might be the best selection. Out of all the players drafted in 2007, Simmonds has played the third most games.


Devils Select: #24 Mattias Tedenby
Hindsight Selects: #27 John Carlson

This is one of the prime examples of fans yelling about who the Devils should have taken. It's pretty well justified here. The Devils did have a good pick with Henrique in the 3rd round. So there's that.


Devils Select: #20 Jacob Josefson
Hindsight Selects: #26 Kyle Palmieri

Ryan O'Reilly isn't available due to the 10 selection limit so it's looking like Kyle Palmieri unless you prefer Orlov, Tatar, Barrie or someone else in a later round.


Devils Select: #174 Maxime Clermont
Hindsight Selects: #178 Mark Stone

The Devils made their first selection with Jon Merrill at #38, so Tyler Toffoli at #47 looks like a good selection. Dig deep into the 6th round though and you'll find yourself Mark Stone.


Devils Select: #99 Reid Boucher
Hindsight Selects: #104 John Gaudreau

Starting early with the fourth overall pick, the Devils have some interesting regrets early in the first round. I'm going outside the first round though with Gaudreau.


Devils Select: #90 Ben Johnson
Hindsight Selects: #95 Josh Anderson

This is tougher one due to the 10 selection rule. Plenty of the Devils picks never amounted to anything, but there doesn't seem to be the star power regret of other drafts. Tanner Pearson? Josh Anderson? Colin Miller? I'll go with regretting drafting Ben Johnson here.


Devils Select: #73 Ryan Kujawinski
Hindsight Selects: #77 Jake Guentzel

The Devils didn't select until #42 thanks to the Schneider trade this season. Our former-GM did a nice job in this round compared to our former-former-GM.


Devils Select: #71 Connor Chatham
Hindsight Selects: #79 Brayden Point

Did I even need to type this out for you?


Devils Select: #6 Pavel Zacha
Hindsight Selects: #10 Mikko Rantanen

This one is a tough one. Do you like Provorov or Werenski more?

So there are my Hindsight Selections for 2006-2015. Did I miss anyone? Is there someone you'd have rather taken? Use the always valuable Hockey Reference to play along.

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