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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 30: Motivation Problems

The Devils continued to find new ways to lose in key sentimental matchups. Yay, loser points!

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Dallas Stars v New Jersey Devils Photo by Andy Marlin/NHLI via Getty Images

The New Jersey Devils sputtered against their former coach, their opponent of honor while paying tribute to the 2000 squad and their unceremoniously departed superstar as they took three games past regulation and won none of them. The game against the Montreal Canadiens will be covered next week but some winnable games evaporated in front of their eyes yet again as they have started to resemble the team from October and November.

These games were an eyesore but it was good to see the former champs take the ice again, especially with Petr Sykora finally getting his long overdue lap with the cup in New Jersey.

We roll on even as Sean McIndoe ranked the Devils first on his most recent misery index. Feels about right.

Heads held high, Devils fans. As always, if you have any suggestions we’re happy to hear them and talk about whatever you’d like as we barrel along these precipitous falls.