The three golden tickets

This morning I took these trades and the direction of this team in a new light. I took to Tankathon and simulated a draft which our team has 3 golden tickets. I simmed once and we found ourselves at 3, 11, 21. It’s February 17th so a lot can change. Tankathon doesn’t have the most reliable draft order projection list but we would end up selecting Tim Stutzle, Anton Lundell, and Jack Quinn.

Tim Stutzle has 7 goals and 30 points in 34 played in Germany’s top division, dynamic winger with a ton of speed and top of the line stick handling. Favorite aspect though is his hustle up and down the ice, half of his highlights were of him stripping pucks and back checking like his life depended on it.

Anton Lundell has 7 goals and 23 points in 34 played in Finland’s top division, he can play LW/C and is the best 200 foot forward that might fall top 10, he’s been my favorite for a while and his absence from WJC is most likely the reason he’s sliding.

Jack Quinn has 45 goals and 77 points in 51 games for the devils junior squad (67’s) he’s a 5’11" RW. Like we need a guy like this next to jack so that’s why I really like this kid. Playing with Rossi is as close as you can get to playing with Hughes in juniors.

Lastly if we land another first for Sami I would go with Justin Barron. Unfortunately his season was shortened by a blood clot but this kid can play and slid significantly because of it.

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