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Binghamton Devils Appear Set for Upcoming Season

AHL to return Feb 5th as a welcome sign to mimic the NHL, but there are restrictions as well during this Covid-19 Pandemic

Photo Credit: JustSports Photography / Binghamton Devils

Welp, looks like hockey is finally set to return despite some changes.

According to a tweet released late Wednesday, the AHL is on pace for a path of a return. Although it will be a shortened season as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, hockey seems likely for the AHL including the Binghamton Devils.

After a lengthy layoff that abruptly ended the 2019-’20 AHL season last March, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel as hockey returns to the hotbed of the Southern Tier of NY and for those once again reunited to the sport they endure.

However, it doesn’t come without some boundaries including a cut-off date. Mind you nothing is official yet, but this is where we currently sit according to my sources:

  • Monday, Jan 4th is the cut-off date for teams to participate for the 2020-’21 season. The Binghamton Devils are expected to be one of those teams with the financial backing from parent club New Jersey.
  • There is one obstacle that is for certain is no fans will be allowed to attend, at least for the time being. Perhaps when playoffs roll-out that will change.
  • All games will be showcased on AHL.Live and there are the possibility home games on local TV markets as well.
  • Regional contests will be within their division that keeps travel to a minimum.
  • Season will likely consist of 44 games, although rumors also puts it at as high as 52, either way it’ll be a compact calendar until the post season hits by around June.
  • With the taxi squad in place in the NHL, there will be likely fill-ins that will take place with PTO’s alongside ECHL players under contract, as nearly half of the teams have pulled the plug including the Devils’ affiliate Adirondack Thunder.

With that, it would be too early to name prospects that would be affected by this latest news as we can look forward to training camp and see where the chips land and look forward to any further news as they develop.

With the BDevils last look on pace to climb to a division title in the East, the call was made to shut down the season after an incredible stretch of 12 wins of their last 14 including 7 in a row that had the club in a playoff spot. It was an empty feeling for many fans as this was escalating to be something special after several disappointing years that witnessed last-place standings in the league.

This time around, there is hope that the team will pick right back up from where they left off with a core of nucleus players returning, including veterans Ben Street, Brett Seney, Josh Jacobs, and newcomer Scott Wedgewood, to name a few. However, the taxi squad up top could alter things a bit.

Thanks for reading and feel free to ask any questions below.