2021 NHL Draft

The 2021 nhl season is a month away but in my opinion hockey season starts when the world juniors starts for us devils fans. With Holtz, Mercer, Mukhamadullin, Moynihan , Arseni and Pytlik playing there will be a lot for us to watch. So Regarding prospects I was curious on what 2021 prospects you have interest on, first rounders or not. I think it’s fair to say this Devils season won’t be tough because we will just be grateful for devils hockey but I believe strongly the devils will do a good amount of losing. And to be honest. If we just need to be bad one more year to get our "franchise" defenseman I’m okay with it. With some guys contracts soon expiring we might have another important draft coming up with multiple acquired picks. Abd what are your opinions on palms and gooses contracts, will they help our future more in devils jerseys or in other sweaters via trade. Lambos, Power, Hreschuk, are my defense I have been keeping up with Eklund, Pastujov, Beniers, are the forwards I’m split on goose and palms. While I really would like them to resign I don’t want the ends of those contracts to hurt the team. Where if we trade them as rentals we can just absolutely load our system to where down the road we can expend first round picks to acquire players we need to win. Adding three more guys to the under 25 group of Nico, Bratt, Hughes, Blackwood, Smith, Holtz, Mercer, Foote, Mukhamadullin, Zacha, and Blackwood would be pretty enticing.

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