Matt Martin (2 year deal) - Dadanov Miss

Interesting to see Matt Martin still unsigned by Lou. At present the Devils have no physical guys that can act as protectors to all the smaller skilled guys the Devils have. Without one you can count on liberties being taken on guys like Hughes, Bratt, etc.

If you want a tougher team and more importantly someone the opponent has to consider when they come to Jersey, Martin is perfect. The guy is big, tough, experienced and is way more then just an enforcer. His 2 year price tag would be easily doable for the Devils and worth every dollar as our skilled guys can play a little bigger.

Miss on Evgeni Dadanov.

The league is such that skilled players at reasonable deals can change your team very quickly. Fitz's rebuild, patience narrative is a little disconcerting. Signing Dadanov at basically less than you will be expected to pay Palms on a new contract would really move the needle for the team (as well as act as insurance if you can't sign Palms). He would of immediately been the most prolific point producer in the lineup. Minimizing the down size, if the team doesn't progress he's good for a 2nd round pick and a player at the trade deadline. This was a miss by Fitz in my opinion.

Cup winning goalie, Norris winning D man, 2 first overall picks, 2 legit 30 goal scorers in Palms and Dadanov along with the new acquisitions as well as maybe Holtz stepping in would be a team that is certainly talented enough to compete for the playoffs . This should be the objective every year no matter where you are in your development and could be done without mortgaging the future.

This same line of thinking applies for Mike Hoffman or any other point scorer available, we'll see.

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