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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 70: Junior Internationals and the Next Five

Our list rolls on as we check in with some prospects playing in Europe.

St Louis Blues v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

You can find the post summarizing what we talked about in this podcast here, as we head to a part of the Top 25 Under 25 List that should have some familiar names and faces. These are players who saw regular time in Binghamton and some who saw extended time in New Jersey as well. Additionally, there are junior championships to play and Shakir Mukhamadullin and Jaromir Pytlik are poised to compete for their countries in big ways. We check in on their statuses and prepare for the final 15 on our list.

As mentioned, send in your questions and we’ll make an effort to answer them all. There isn’t a lot going on now in the NHL but hopefully we get some news of a return to play soon. Until then, enjoy the pockets of nice weather and keep an eye out for Devils news as usual.

Stay safe and Let’s Go Devils!