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Prospect to Watch: Yegor Sharangovich

As the Devils look to fill out their roster for the coming season, one name has popped out as particularly impactful during the delayed offseason - Yegor Sharangovich. Who is Sharangovich, and what does he offer to the team?

Kontinental Hockey League: CSKA Moscow vs Dinamo Minsk Photo by Anton Novoderezhkin\TASS via Getty Images

Following the 2018 NHL Draft, Devils fans were excited about their new project they had picked up in Ty Smith. The 17th overall pick, Ty Smith was projected to go higher in the draft, and it looked like a name that could be forever on Devils fan’s lips.

Recently, another name from that same draft has made some waves and established himself in the KHL as a quality forward. That man is Yegor Sharangovich, a center drafted in the 5th round of the 2018 draft.

At 6’1”, 203 pounds, Sharangovich offers a very physical game. While he is big, Sharangovich still offers above average speed and sets himself well to pot in goals with a great shot. Sharangovich will not be confused for a star - most likely, he has bottom six potential at most. Furthermore, he can be utilized in all situations, and is a good all-around player.

When you look at Sharangovich’s AHL stats, nothing stands out. In his first season with the Binghampton Devils, Sharangovich recorded a lowly 9 goals and 8 assists through 68 games. His second season saw an uptick in performance, but nothing that stands out too much. In the previous campaign, he recorded 10 goals and 15 assists through 57 games. So, why has Sharangovich’s name made waves recently?

As the season went on for the Binghampton Devils, Sharangovich saw an uptake in playing time and production, eventually serving as a top six forward for the baby Devils. He played a lot of time with former NHL veteran Chris Conner and top prospect Janne Kuokkanen. Furthermore, Sharangovich saw his point production completely outpace his beginning production, as he more than doubled his production from the first half of the AHL season through significantly fewer games.

Then, when he was loaned to the KHL, Sharangovich exploded.


On July 16th, Sharangovich was loaned to Dinamo Minsk of the KHL, in the hopes of procuring more game time and development as a player. To the shock of everyone, Sharangovich has completely shattered his expectations and developed in a way few expected.

Through 20 games with Dinamo Minsk, Sharangovich has recorded an astounding 10 goals and 2 assists, whilst also temporarily serving as the captain for the team on numerous occasions. His 10 games are enough to place him 5th in all of the KHL, while he also finds himself manning the first line while averaging over 19 minutes a game.

What has Sharangovich done well? For one thing, Sharangovich is confident beyond his age, and averages over three shots a game whilst scoring on 16.8% of his shots. Furthermore, he is a threat in all positions. Currently, Sharangovich has recorded 6 even strength goals, 2 power play goals, and 2 short handed goals. He is physical, not being afraid to position himself in favorable positions, and is clutch as well, with 2 game winning goals already for Dinamo.


This is Yegor Sharangovich sniping a shot off the faceoff. As you can see he has a quick release and excellent aim.

Another snipe by Sharangovich, showcasing his confidence with shooting

And here is a two goal game.

I’m very excited for Yegor Sharangovich to develop more, and gain more confidence as he continues his career. His unwavering confidence and leadership speaks well given his young age and I hope to see him with the Devils next season, at least to start the campaign.

Your Thoughts

Do you buy the hype around Sharangovich? Do you want him to break camp with the Devils? What is his potential for the future? Let me know in the comments below and take care.