First Round Mock Draft with Trades

1- Rangers: Alexis Laferniere

Pretty obvious. Deep down they might run into some contract issues with their wingers and their next contract to Mika might be a bad one. But they’ll be desperate without center depth and give him a longer extension starting in his 30 year old season.

2- Kings: Tim Stutzle

Sounds like they’ve been set on him for some time but Byfield wouldn’t be a bad pick either.

3- Senators: Quinton Byfield

No brainer, period.

4- Red Wings: Cole Perfetti

I wouldn’t take him here but it sounds like Detroit saw quite a lot of him this year and a lot of fingers are pointing at him in this spot.

5- Senators: Jake Sanderson

This is the pick that determines the rest of the top ten. Deep down I feel Askarov’s unreal performances in Russia might have Melnyk confused on what he will do. But a top pair of Chabot-Sanderson with Brannstrom as your number three defenseman looks unbelievable.

6- Ducks: Jamie Drysdale

Ducks need someone who can help offensively and defensively. They literally can’t score, so adding a well rounded defenseman like Drysdale that most likely can find time on their PP first unit would be a great fit.

7- Devils: Marco Rossi

Look, Ottawa 67’s and connections with Nico Hischier. Oh and he’s a stud all over the 200 foot pond. I think he can come in and have a friendly competition with Jack to see who will transition to becoming a top line winger. Jack if he really strings a career at wing together can have Patty Kane potential while Marco could slide next to Nico and be a none hated Brad Marchand. If I’m fitz I’m virtually running or smashing the "Draft Rossi" button on that zoom call.

8- Sabres: Alexander Holtz

Buffalo is interesting here, I believe they really want to get better right now so if there’s a big player to get moved at the draft this might be the pick going the other way. But with Holtz hopefully he rounds out his game and can be dynamic alongside Jack in buffalos hopefully brighter future.

9- Wild: Anton Lundell

I’d say they enjoyed Mikko Koivu up there so I wouldn’t be surprised if they go for the Finnish center, also Eric Staal for some reason is a Sabre now so center is a little weak for the future.

TRADE- The New Jersey Devils acquire the 10th pick for picks 18 and 20

-this trade is happening because Winnipeg’s draft boards top prospects are gone. With the large holes down the center of the ice and on the blue line they’d only be reaching or drafting a winger or Russian goalie Yaraslov Askarov

10- Devils: Lucas Raymond

Now the 18th and 20th picks may have a bit more value then just the 10th pick but this isn’t a normal 10th pick. Raymond would easily fit in many draft classes within the top 5. The Devils don’t add a sniper with either of their first two picks but they get two players with unbelievable 200 foot games and a knack for finding points. Many say size is the answer in tough games but with both Rossi and Raymond’s stellar play in their own zone and transitions the devils couldn’t be happier.

11- Predators: Jack Quinn

The press have some problems at center but pairing a finisher in Quinn alongside Johansen or Duchene can be the spark they need to compliment their skill sets.

12- Panthers: Kaiden Guhle

First big reach of the draft but they just need defense badly. Askarov again looks very good in his khl starts but with Bob on a nightmare of a contract and Spencer Knight being their first rounder last year I couldn’t see them drafting the Russian. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they moved down because to put it kindly theirs some teams that are drooling over Askarov right behind them.

13- Hurricanes: Yaroslav Askarov

Welp the division is just gonna get that much more loaded for the future. The kid is going to be nothing short of amazing and the hurricanes will take themselves as the run away winners of this draft if he slides all the way to 13. No brainer

14- Oilers: Seth Jarvis

The Oilers will definitely pause their video after Askarov is taken out of their hands by Carolina but they’ll soon remember Seth Jarvis is still hanging around. He’ll be an excellent player for them in the future.

15- Maple Leafs: Braden Schneider

They’re too too heavy where this pick is a must for the leafs. Winnipeg is slightly regretting trading down now that the last of the four top end defenseman have come and gone.

16- Canadiens: Dylan Holloway

The fans have been crying for some grit and size up there so o think the organization understands the issue as well. I think Holloway is going to be a guy in 5 years everyone wished they’d have in their middle six, a Blake Coleman style guy with maybe a little more skill with some extra size.

17- Blackhawks: Dawson Mercer

This would be a terrific signing for Chicago. A line of DeBrincat-Dach-Mercer. Wow. What a great complement of play styles. He’ll be a great all around player if he reaches his potential.

18- Jets: Conor Zary

Not the best skater, but he’s got great tools and hopefully can bring to the table what Mark Scheifele lacks. Could be a good 2c one day up there in Winnipeg.

19- Flames: Jacob Perreault

I think the Flames have some good pieces on the back end but besides Dube who just graduated from the minors up top is dry. A gifted shooter is a shot they should take

TRADE- Winnipeg gets their defenseman. From who, I don’t know but they get one where 20th overall is part of the deal.

20- *insert trade partner*: Rodion Amirov

This guy is going to be an amazing player to watch in the future, it might take him a few years to get here but man will he be worth this pick.

21- Blue Jackets: Brendan Brisson

Torts likes the American and he should be a nice skill player to add to a gritty group of forwards. Just seems like it good be a great destination for him

22- Rangers: Hendrix Lapierre

Why have one French Canadian when u can have two. This one just had some unfortunate injures in juniors. Man I hope these guys don’t pan out to finish the Rangers spoon fed "rebuild".

That’s all I’ll do in depth but my last 9 darts go as followed,










Recap on our picks-

I mainly hit them above but not getting a defenseman won’t really hurt my because next year there can be 15 defenseman to go in the first round and at the deadline with Rossi and Raymond waiting to make the jump for the next season maybe palms or Gusev land us another 2021 first where we can grab two defenseman. Examples being Lambos early, Simon Edvidsson later (Edvidsson is also Raymond’s teammate right now in the SHL) Also I’d love a bonafide goal scorer but these two were too good to pass up for there all around game and skills.

Hope you enjoyed the read if you took the time

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