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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 67: Upcoming Decisions

Which prospects have more to prove to remain in the Devils system?

St Louis Blues v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

This episode acts as a companion to John’s piece from Sunday regarding prospects with something to prove in the next year. We went over the players mentioned in here and discussed where they fit in the current Devils system in addition to their performance so far in their various assignments. Some players are currently on contracts and some are unsigned as of yet but all of these names should be familiar to Devils fans. How do the selections from this year’s draft factor into these decisions? We discuss all that and also implore you to hop over to our annual Top 25 Under 25 Survey to vote for who you think the Devils most valuable young stars are. We’re looking forward to seeing your responses.

As always, thanks for listening and Let’s Go Devils! Hopefully they make more moves before training camps start...