Dominik Kahun

Am I missing something with Kahun, I don't understand why the Devils aren't sprinting to sign him. From everything I have seen of him he seems like a responsible and reliable talented young player who should be relatively cheap. For his career he is only just below a half a point per game in fairly limited minutes, analytically he looks like a positive player defensively and his age presents no problem for the competitive window. I understand and respect the idea of maintaining cap space to potentially take advantage of cap strapped teams and I know the Devils need to re-sign Blackwood, Bratt and White but I genuinely don't see why all of those things couldn't still happen with the addition of Kahun as well. I suspect the majority of us would prefer a trade for a quality defense-man so why not bring in Kahun to add some needed depth? I want the young prospects to earn a roster spot if they can, but counting on 3 forward prospects to make the roster seems to me like asking for trouble and worst case scenario you have a young cheap forward to deal for future assets at no cost other than a tiny bit of cap room this year. So finally I ask again, what am I missing?

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