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Garden State of Hockey- AAtJ Podcast Episode 22: Mini-Streak?

A small end of December run of good play has fans feeling optimistic about a potentially interesting (if inconsequential) second half.

Colorado Avalanche v New Jersey Devils

We’re back, folks! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. We’re excited to bring back Garden State of Hockey in a new format featuring a weekly recap episode (earlier in the week) and a potpourri later on so feel free to suggest any discussion topics, questions or guests in the comments or on Twitter. We realized there was enough time to dedicate specifically to questions or grab bag topics if we continued to try and squeeze everything into just one episode a week so while the episodes may be a bit shorter, we’ll mix things up on the weekends for your early week commute.

A good recent stretch has seen the Devils go 4-1-2 against some tough opponents in their last stretch of games despite missing some of their young guns due to injuries. This episode was recorded before the overtime loss to the New York Islanders, but let’s be real, the heritage jerseys being worn was the death sentence for that game. We look ahead to some tough Metropolitan matchups and what we’d like to see from the club as winter carries on.

As mentioned, feel free to leave comments, suggestions, questions, concerns, etc. We’re hoping this new format will give us plenty of room to give everyone their due. We’ll check here and @AAtJerseyBlog on Twitter.

As always thanks for listening and being along with us for the start of this new decade in Devils hockey.