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Garden State of Hockey- AAtJ Podcast Episode 23: Game Show Saturday

We try something new and talk about an assortment of Devils topics.

New Jersey Devils v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Hey you! Yes, you! This isn’t a mistake, there are definitely two episodes of the podcast this week and every week moving forward!

This episode features a game show tribute and an absolutely dominant display by our own John Fischer in America’s hit new game show (inspired by Marek v Wyshynski and others) called “Former Devil or Famous Tightrope Artist” as the Devils continue to do a high wire act this season. See if you can play along and match his level, which is the first example of anything we’ve seen related to the Devils this year that’s elite. Additionally, we delve into some questions about retaining Alain Nasreddine, MacKenzie Blackwood’s usage and the next potential trade casualty of this brutal season.

Feel free to leave suggestions for future weekend episodes as we’ll be doing a majority of the grab bag stuff then. You can do that here or at @AAtJerseyBlog on Twitter and don’t be afraid to get weird with it. We love that stuff.